How does it feel to wear a privilege that was once reserved only for the royalty? A natural rarity, the woody and balsamic fragrance of White Oud, comes from the tropical Agar trees in Assam India. Roll it on to bask in the regal glory of India, reminding you every day that you were born to REIGN.

Our natural fragrances are 100% pure and free of any alcohol. We pride ourselves in gender agnostic compositions.

Experience the essence of nature with our vegan, alcohol-free fragrance roll-on. Crafted from pure, natural ingredients, it offers a guilt-free indulgence and takes you on a long-lasting aromatic journey.

White Oudh – extracted from the trunk and the roots of the Agarwood trees in Assam, India, White Oudh gives out a woody and spicy aroma. Reign is a modern recreation of White Oudh, balanced with sandalwood to give a rich sensuous experience.

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Roll on for a trip back to history