Made for the alphas, the unique blend of Himalayan Cedar, Orange Blossom, and Oakwood, Panache is a contradiction – crisp yet warm, refreshing yet sensual. It exudes confidence that is subtle yet powerful. Roll in on to treat yourself with a fragrance that will soon become a part of you.

Our natural fragrances are 100% pure and free of any alcohol. We pride ourselves in gender agnostic compositions.

Experience the essence of nature with our vegan, alcohol-free fragrance roll-on. Crafted from pure, natural ingredients, it offers a guilt-free indulgence and takes you on a long-lasting aromatic journey.

Orange blossom and Bergamot – Orange blossom gives the fresh, crisp scent, Bergamot adds the citrus flavor with a sweet and spicy edge.

Himalayan cedar – adds the warm and balsamic dominance

Lilies – sourced from Northern India, lilies give out a sweet aroma and have stress relieving properties.

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