Based on Classical formulation of Nalpamaradi oil, skin brightening & healing oil to lighten scars & pigmentation. It blends barks of four ficus trees, Nalapamara with turmeric, Sandalwood, Manjistha, amla for a natural glowing healthy complexion.

A base of sesame oil & beeswax assists in deeper assimilation. It softens, heals & repairs skin cells further boosting the skin health.

It reduces dark circles, dark spots, age spots in 21 days if used with proper care.

Skin Illuminator
100% Natural Self preserving formula.
Free from artificial colours & fragrances

Wheat Germ extract, Wet Turmeric/Paimanjal Powder, Asvattha,Udumbara, Indian, Banyan Bark,Plaksha Ficus,Tuvrak, Sveta Chandan Powder, Vetiver, Kushta, Manjistha, Chora, Tripahal Powder, Pitpapra juice, Turmeric/Curcumin Juice, Sesame Oil, Beeswax

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Use a thin layer when indoors or massage at night on face & pigmented areas. Massage using a Kansa massage wand for deeper penetration & assimilation.