A super-charged glow and skin-immunity boosting clay mask that gives you de-tanning benefits with a luminous, healthy glow. Enriched with the anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric and anti-oxidant properties of Vitamin C to give you even-toned, stunningly radiant skin.

Minimizes Tanning Effects: Turmeric extract is a natural antioxidant with anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties that help in evening out skin discolouration and brightening sunspots.
Restores Glow, Adds Brightness: Kaolin clay, which is gentle and non-drying, sloughs off dead skin to reveal smoother, refreshed complexion.
Gentle Exfoliation & Antioxidant Boost: Kaolin clay is a mild, yet very effective exfoliator, absorbing impurities and dirt from clogged pores, giving you that gentle exfoliating effect for clean, supple skin.

The Neemli Turmeric & Vitamin C Clay Face Mask is enriched with super effective white kaolin clay, turmeric extract and vitamin C to reduce the effects of tanning including hyperpigmentation and dark spots to give you naturally glowing skin.

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Cleanse your face, Apply a thin, even layer of the mask on the face, avoiding the eyebrows and the eyes, Wait for 10-15 minutes while you wait for the mask to dry, Wipe with wet cloth or rinse face gently with water.