Don the carnal charm of Rose with the warmth of Oud, created uniquely to appeal to your mystery that is as grand as the universe. A fragrance that plays along the banter of your mind that withholds treasures and the lips that don’t tell. No reservations, get the hearts pounding with your MYSTIQUE.

Our natural fragrances are 100% pure and free of any alcohol. We pride ourselves in gender agnostic compositions.

Experience the essence of nature with our vegan, alcohol-free fragrance roll-on. Crafted from pure, natural ingredients, it offers a guilt-free indulgence and takes you on a long-lasting aromatic journey.

Oudh – A dense dark resin extracted from the Agarwood trees of Assam, India, Oudh exudes an exquisite sensual fragrance which permeates a sense of opulence and luxury. Oudh also has calming properties.

Rose – India, being home to a variety of roses, lends its Rose Edouard and Rosa Damascena to create a rich, sweet fragrance that balances the woodiness of the Oudh.

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