Say hello to a refreshing clean with mother nature’s most vibrant ingredients

Give your skin the natural Ayurvedic love it deserves. At Mantraa Organique, we strive to make the ancient time-tested, natural science of Ayurveda an integral part of your daily personal care routine so that the benefits of Ayurveda touch and improve many more lives around the world. We believe nature has all the answers and that we don’t have to settle for mass-produced, harsh chemical-laden products.

1. Mantraa Organique’s Acaiberry & Strawberry Body Wash is packed with the goodness of Vitamin-C rich berries, which enhance collagen production and keep bad odour at bay. This body wash not only cleans and softens the skin but helps uplift mood with a sensational feeling of freshness.
2. Carefully sourced and proudly made in India, with love and reverence for Ayurvedic traditions. Our experts understand Ayurveda and chemistry better than anyone else.
3. Net contents: 300ml
4. FDA approved

1. Soothing and relaxing fragrance.
2. Hydrates and nourishes the skin.
3. Mood-boosting and calming effect.
4. Gentle cleansing for a refreshed feel.
5. Aromatherapeutic benefits for stress reduction.

Vitamin-C rich berries

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Apply sufficient quantity of body wash on your loofah/hand and lather it really well across your body. After this, rinse gently with water.