This KHADI ORGANIQUE ROSE FACE WASH rich in Vitamin C that helps to decrease the appearance of hyperpigmentation & inhibits free radical damage. Rose Extract supports naturally cell regeneration, improves skin flexibility and permeability, reduce look of fine lines & wrinkles, brightening the skin for improving moisture balance & elasticity of skin. It helps to rebuilds the moisture balance and provides skin suppleness for appearance of newer and softer younger skin. Rosehip Oil is great for anti-aging & easily penetrates it into the skin that’s improves moisture and collagen level and promotes youthful supple appearance.

Contains naturally brightening agent
Improves skin moisture & elasticity
Supple the skin
Maintain skin’s pH balance
Cleanse skin deeply & prevent from blemishes
Rich in antioxidants
Reduction of scars and fine lines
Brightens and even out skin tone
Has regenerative & healing properties

white rose, aloevera, rosehip oil

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Take sufficient quantity of Rose Face Wash and apply on wet face. Massage gently, lather and rinse thoroughly.