KHADI ORGANIQUE Anti Hair-fall Hair cleanser enhances the feeling of fresher’s well-being for refreshes and control hair-fall, reduces premature greying, fights with dirts and pollutant particles, regeneration of newly hair follicles, equally balancing the production of sebum. Jatamansi and Basil combination invigorates deeply penetration in hair follicles resulting thicker, shiner & silkier luxuriant voluminous hair growth.

Hair-fall control, Shiner & silky hairs, regenerates new hair follicles

Jatamansi Extract, Ginseng Extract, Gotukola Extract, Holy Basil Extract, Brahmi Extract, Rosemary Oil Geranium Oil

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Apply shampoo onto wet hairs. Gently massage the scalp moving downwards to the hair ends. Rinse thoroughly.