We’ve formulated this hair oil with a single-minded focus: fighting hair-fall and promoting hair growth. Our Bhringraj Oil for hair growth- made with precious therapeutic herbs in a base of cold-pressed coconut and sesame (til) oils, helps promote health, luster, and strength for your hair. It also helps improve the texture and volume of hair as well as prevents graying and split ends.

Controls hairfall

Moisturises dry scalp

Adds shine & nourishes the hair

Add lusture & volume to hair

Full List Of Ingredients: bhringraj, sariva, brahmi, amla* (emblica officianalis) ext., manjishtha* (rubia cordifolia) ext., nagarmotha, harad, baheda, kachur, lodhra, babchi, henna*, mandur, padmkashth, mulethi* (glycyrrhiza glabra), khareti, priangu, sandal, ashwagandha* (withania somnifera) ext., cold pressed extra virgin coconut (cocos nucifera) oil, cold pressed til tailum.

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Step 1: Warm the oil and massage into hair roots with fingertips.

Step 2: Keep overnight allow the oil to seep into your scalp.

Step 3: Wash your hair & follow this ritual twice a week.