Known as a traditional Ayurvedic treatment for lustrous and healthy hair, Japa Pushpa Thailam is a modification of Ohria’s traditional Ayurvedic hair oil recipe.

A rejuvenating hair treatment, Japa Pushpa Thailam stimulates hair growth, boosts scalp health, and strengthens & revitalizes overall hair follicles.

Contains Neeli Bhringadi Oil and Hibiscus Flowers, Indian Jojoba Leaves & Kalonji to curb hair fall & nourish hair.

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How to use: Step 1 – Preferably warm the oil a little & massage gently on the scalp and hair strands from roots to ends. Step 2 – Use a Kansa Head Massage Wand for a few minutes to penetrate oil nutrients deeply into the scalp. Leave on for an hour, preferably overnight. Step 3 – Cleanse your hair with a natural hair cleanser preferably Honey & coconut milk hair cleanser.