A perfect afternoon in a flower field, where the sun is grateful, cutting cross your hair and playing with your shadow. You are lost in time, sauntering carelessly, picking daffodils, lilies, and violets and letting them flirt in your basket. Welcome to the world of Daydream. Made with the sweetest flowers and the strongest love.

Our natural fragrances are 100% pure and free of any alcohol. We pride ourselves in gender agnostic compositions.

Experience the essence of nature with our vegan, alcohol-free fragrance roll-on. Crafted from pure, natural ingredients, it offers a guilt-free indulgence and takes you on a long-lasting aromatic journey.

Rose Musk – Rose Musk adds the meadow honey touch with fruity notes

Lavender – From the lap of South East India comes the sweetest scent of lavender that also boosts calmness an wellness

Lilies – sourced from Northern India, lilies give out a sweet aroma and have stress relieving properties.

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