Coccoon Repairing Night Cream is perfect for rejuvenating and nourishing the skin. Suitable for all skin types, especially dry and mature skin.

Our natural actives are sourced from UNESCO protected islands of France. Our products are clinically tested according to European standards (France). Formulated without parabens, animal testing, harmful chemicals, mineral oils, phthalates and petroleum.

All our products are certified, dermatalogically safe and non comedogenic.

Our product line caters to urban women and men who prioritize both themselves and their self care and quality of products they apply to their skin and hair.

Repairs UV damage | Revitalises dull & lifeless skin | Prevents skin ageing

Hero Ingredients:
● Kakadu Plum – Brightens skin & provides it deep nourishment with Vitamin C
● Shea Butter – Retains moisture in the skin & softens it
● Vitamin E & A – Protects skin cells from damage throughout the body with its fat-soluble components

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Take sufficient quantity and massage gently on face & neck with fingertips in circular upward motion until completely absorbed.